Honey bees on honey comb in a log hive
Honey bees on honey comb in a log hive
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"Dear Adrion, It was a pleasure meeting you and your lovely family, and also doing buisness with you! Bee-free thanks!"
- Myriam, Black Sheep Bar and Grill (San Luis Obispo, CA)

"Dear Adrion,

After making several phone calls to bee keepers in the county, you were the only one who responded to our call, and you did it in a timely fashion. You were courteous and responsive to our needs, and that was much appreciated. We had no idea until you got here and started investigation the situation that the bees had taken over our front porch ceiling, and how extensive our problem was. Our dog and myself had been stung, but we didn't realize how aggressive the bees were.

Because of the aggression of the bees, and how large the hive was, and where it was located, the job took about six hours. Thank you for being so thorough, even coming back the next day when a few bees showed up looking for their hive.

We enjoyed meeting your family and having a picnic with them. We never expected to make new friends as well as getting our very sticky situation solved. Your service and diligence would make us not hesitate to call you again, if needed, or to recommend your service to anyone. We look forward to trying the honey from your company.

Thank you for being so professional.

Sincerely yours,

Steve CZAPLA,"

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