Honey bees on honey comb in a log hive
Honey bees on honey comb in a log hive
SLO Honey Co. Atascadero, CA
 SLO Honey Co.              Atascadero, CA

Beehive Removal

Have a beehive in the eave or wall of your home? Call SLO Honey Co first to discuss our hive removal services. Don't pay someone to come kill the bees when they can be safely removed and relocated to a new home, and cared for by an experienced beekeeper.

Once a swarm of bees moves into a structure they build up honeycomb quickly so we always advise not waiting to take care of the problem. Bees do not go away on their own, even with "smoking" them. Even treating with sprays or pesticides can be unsuccessful as any 3 day old egg can be made into a new queen and the "bee problem" starts up again. To truly solve the problem, call SLO Honey Co and we will come and carefully opened up the structure, safely removing all bees, honeycomb, eggs and larva. 

Our fee for removal of a beehive depends on the size of the hive and level of difficulty. Don't wait to call us for an estimate.


Bee Swarm Removal

2017 Update: SLO Honey Co is currently not taking on any swarms. If you have a swarm please contact

Central Coast Beekeepers:



Spring 2016:

Have a swarm of bees on your property and want to have them relocated safely?

Please don't call Pest Control who charge roughly $200 to kill the bees. Call a local beekeeper such as SLO Honey Co to rescue the bees. We come and put the swarm of bees in a hive box then relocated them to our own apiary or a local beekeeper where they are cared for.

At this time we charge a flat rate fee of $100 to cover our time and gas to rescue a swarm of bees or we are happy to refer you to another local Beekeeper.

We except payment of cash or check in person, or you are welcome to use the link below to make payment via PayPal.

Be sure to call us directly to schedule the pick up of the swarm of bees.

100.00 USD

Swarm Removal and Relocation

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