Honey bees on honey comb in a log hive
Honey bees on honey comb in a log hive
SLO Honey Co.
 SLO Honey Co.     

About SLO Honey Co.

 Adrion, born and raised in Los Osos, CA has always loved building, designing, problem solving, and helping others, while Summer has always loved gardening and hands on projects. Beekeeping is a perfect blend of these attributes.  

Our  Hives:

We keep our hives in south Atascadero and San Luis Obispo, year around. Our bees forage on the local wildflowers and plants.

Our hives are meticulously maintained using chemical free beekeeping methods. Every drop of our honey is raw, unprocessed, unheated, unfiltered, and comes straight out of the honeycomb. Our bees produce every drop of honey we sell! We only sell the extra honey our bees make. For that reason, we have a very small amount of honey each year so cannot sell at farmers markets. We sell honey via our website, in-person, and at a few local wineries and businesses. 


What makes our honey so special?

 Our bee hives are kept, year around, in south Atascadero and San Luis Obsipo. ALL the honey we sell is made by our own bees that forage on wildflowers (polyfloral). We do not put our bees in monocrops because research has found that bees foraging on monocrops limit the honeybees' diet and therefore affect the honey. For this reason, our bees make honey that does not crystallize as fast as you might expect. We actually have a 3 year old jar of honey that has NOT crystallized. Amazing right?

Next, we do not use any chemicals in our hives, synthetic nor naturally occurring. We use only chemical FREE beekeeping methods. While this is very time consuming, we feel it's worth the extra effort to have absolute pure beeswax in our hives for the bees to store their honey in.

We do NOT heat or filter our honey. Honey bees maintain a 93 degree temperature in their hive in order to raise their young. The honey in the hive is therefore maintained at this temperature. We extract honey from the honeycomb immediately upon removal from the hive, therefore, the honey is already warm enough to flow freely into glass jars without difficulty.

Lastly, we harvest honey from our hives several times throughout the spring and summer in order to capture honey from the various flower seasons. As a result we get a variety of honey with different color, flavor, and thickness. 





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